Monday, December 1, 2008

Symantec releases antivirus just for gamers, but why?

On November 25, Symantec released Norton antivirus 2009, Gaming Edition.  This antivirus is specifically designed to not bother gamers while they are playing a game on their computer.  This gamer mode suspends alerts, updates, and other background activities while you are playing your game.  When a player goes into full screen mode, the antivirus is automatically enabled, and can also be manually enabled.  The vice president of consumer products at Symantec gave the following reason for releasing the game edition: "Gamers are an extremely demanding audience that simply won’t tolerate anything on their system that detracts from gameplay. Norton AntiVirus Gaming Edition keeps gamers protected online and runs perfectly undetected in the background, meaning no interruptions, no pop-ups, and with the same award winning zero-impact performance of our 2009 products."
This release has a lot of people asking for a non-gamer edition.  Even non-gamers would like to have updates and background activities suspended when they are in full-screen mode.  I personally think that this should be released for more than just gamers, and i don't see why they wouldn't release it, because they would make more of a profit if they did.

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