Monday, December 1, 2008

Whoops: UK senior citizens targeted for downloading gay porn

While it is bad, and a little bit embarrassing to be informed that you have been caught downloading music, it is another thing to be told that you have been caught illegally downloading hardcore gay porn.  This is exactly what the UK based law firm of Davenport Lyons does.  Users are now anxious to get attention for the nature of these letters.
Davenport Lyons acts on behalf of content owners, and are going after copyright infringers, and has recently been in the news for sending letters to users who are operating open Wifi networks, because he says that they are responsible for the illegal actions of the others who are using their open wireless networks.
A 60 year old couple was accused of downloading the film "Army F**kers", which is a film about officers, however the couple claims to have never downloaded it. The couple said "We were offended by the title of the film.  We dont do porn-straight or gay- and we cant do downloads.  We have to ask our son even to do an iTunes purchase"  Many other people have come out too, claiming that they have not downloaded this movie either.  With its pre-settlement tactic, it is very similar to a currently used tactic used by the RIAA, attempting to ferret out college students that they believe are guilty of illegally downloading.
While these cases have yet to be closed, it appears that Davenport Lyons is just hoping that some people will feel intimidated, and pay up the fine (roughly $774).

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