Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Courtney Love Does Math...Well

When you think of Courtney Love, what different adjectives come to mind?...probably shouldn't say them, for they might be a little too explicit. After reading this speech though, I can't help but think there is quite a lot of intelligence stored somewhere behind the smeared make up, drugs, and alcohol that infest this woman's life.

The speech has plenty of dynamite points that explain how artists are getting screwed over, not by bit torrents and Limewire, but by their own record companies. Courtney Love actually defends all media sharing on the Internet because of the fact that it creates a more direct relationship with the artist and the fan. This way there is no record label that can rob you of all your hard earned money, and leave you bankrupt. Love believes that instead of fighting the media sharing, record companies should cooperate with the then Napsters and Gnutellas of the world, and make it even easier for all people to get music but more importantly connect with the artist. Basically, the internet is a wonderful thing, or as she says, "glamorous".

Love goes on and explains a new "technical amendment" added by Mitch Glazer, a congressional aid, that basically gave the recording companies the right to sell the work of its artists, with no consultation or payment to the artist. The original Copyrights Act of 1978 stated that after 35 years, the artists works would be given back...35 YEARS!!!! Just a little ridiculous, and you can't help but sympathize with the artist that now they can't own their work, and instead it becomes someone else's. Love calls this "sharecropping".

In the next few pages she keeps babbling on about how the current system is extremely inadequate when it comes to find potential fans. The babbling also consists of plenty of curse words which further emphasize her points, as well as emphasizing how much of a bad ass this woman is. I found the last part about money to be particularly interesting. She explains that most artists, besides the "pure" ones, do what they do for money. There needs to be some extra incentive besides the fame fans give them. Money is something everyone needs in this world and she says that it is only natural for someone to want money for the work they put out.

I think this speech was truly inspiring, as someone who listens to music and does from time to time, download illegally. You hear about these problems in the music system in a countless number of songs from all kinds of different genres of music. From 2pac to Kenny Chesney. I sympathize whole heartedly with all of Courtney Love's points and I think she did a great job in conveying them publicly.

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Amanda said...

I have new found respect for Courtney Love. It sounds like she is being fairly genuine when she says that she doesn’t even really care about the money, but she cares more about the artist and fan relationship. I like the fact that she even supports media sharing on the Internet because all record companies can do now is accept it. The public isn’t going to stop downloading illegally so record companies should just cooperate with the public and their actions.