Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Surf The Channel



This is a link to an article about my favorite (and the best) entertainment streaming website. 

On this website you can stream and watch basicly any tv show, movie, music video.  This webiste has only been up for a year and on october first most likly will be taken down. "the creaters will be leaving their legacy".   Like the article said, on this website you can watch tv shows you missed, or were not able to watch the new episode of.  It is a greatly useful tool on the internet with thousands and thousands of links. all of which are free. I love this website and its uses are endless. for example, college students who do not agree on a tv show with their roomate can simply watch online.  It is extremely well organized by type and alphabetically. Its a shame that the website will not be avaliable any longer. 


Matt Dudek said...

Hooray for Surf The Channel. With having a busy schedule it is nice to catch up on my favorite TV shows with "Surf The Channel." I wish the article was a bit longer and would describe the website. Are there any laws that is against this site, and that is why they are shutting down?

Corey Laub said...

it is completly legal because its not a download site, its just a collection of links to view it on other websites, just a direct link to the video from sites such as youtube, megavideo, livecinemaonline and stuff like that.

it turned out to be a joke by the creaters of the website, instead of being shut down they redid the website with alot of updates and also made the source code avaliable to everyone who wants to start their own video sharing website thingy. so happy its not taken down

patmahoney123 said...

i have actually never heard of surf the channel before, and i just tried it out, and found it very easy. based on your comment corey, im very glad that its not being taken down anymore.

Amanda said...

I’ve heard of several unreliable sites that show different TV shows but usually not being able to watch the show for one reason or another due to the inadequacy of the website. This website was very easy to use and very reliable compared to other websites in the past. I’m glad that the website is no longer being taken down because this will make missing TV shows easier for when I can’t watch the show on its given night.