Monday, September 8, 2008

DRM redux: Microsoft to nuke MSN music DRM keys team

This article was explaining the decision of microsoft to drop the rights to any and all music bought from MSN music online. In this case any user that had purchased music would have to commit to which device they wanted the music to be authorized on..... not a problem right? WRONG!! The right also apply to the OS! So basically when the computers OS is out of date then all the music will be lost when upgrading. Removing the rights to these songs completly and totally limits the user. The money that they payed is now a virtual waste because they will eventually lose everything that they had previously bought. The only option of keeping the music is in the ripping of the song files to a cd and then transfer them to a different computer, device, or OS. This is a rather a pain to have to rip all of the music you bought when you paid for the rights and free transfer of the music to any and all OS and computers. I conclude with my overall thought on the issue... i think that if microsoft is going to drop the rights they atleast need to refund all of the users that payed... either that or provide some sort of drm free service that doesnt need approval for the transfer of music. - Tim

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Catherine Malcolm said...

I agree with that thought. It is understandable that users would have to handle that issue if they were the ones who chose not to use the same product and wanted to switch overtime, however that's not the case. I think that if a company (Microsoft) has forced this issue upon all of its users, then customers who in fact already paid their legal dues, should not be burdened with these hassles. Why should the supporting consumer be technologically punished for something which they had no control over?