Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Apple "upgrades" the new Mac Book

It seems as though Apple is going down the path of DRM more and more these days.  According to news reports, the next generation of Mac Books will "feature" more digital rights management, this time in the form of the HDTV screen adaptor.  The new port on the computer will require an authentication from any screen the computer is being hooked up to.
Basically any video media file that has been flagged by a movie studio, that has been purchased on an online store such as iTunes, will prevent the viewing of the material on the connected screen. Never mind that with DRM content the provider reserves the right to rescind the rights to the customer at ay time, and never mind that, this punishes those users who have gone through the legal vectors to purchase movies and music.  This is simply another example of the scared established media trying to lockdown what it already has in fear of up and comming technologies that will inevitably overtake them.

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