Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Why Apple wont allow adobe flash on iphone

I just found this article on Wired and it seems to make alot of scence. It is stated that allowing adobe flash on the iphone would violate the terms of service. If it were to happen, it would be the only application for the iphone not spesificaly made by apple, and that couldnt happen beacuse apple has to control everything, despite the fact that over 98 percent of desktops support adobe flash. Also, customers of the iphone have supported the idea of putting flash on the iphone. On the otherhand, Flash is capable of running its own applictations, so it could be back door for other companies to get their software on the iphone. I agree with the consumers on this one. i think adobe falsh should be allowed on the iphone. Doing this would completely open up the iphone to the full extent of the internet, including streaming videos and flash games. Apple is being greedy and selfish by not giving its coustomers what it wants. Apple also refused to comment on the situation

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