Wednesday, November 5, 2008

GM's Volt


I'll start off by saying that this doesn't have much to do about remixing or anything, but it is very interesting.

If you didn't know, GM is in big trouble since the severe fall in stocks, it is practically bankrupt. However, it may have one glimmer of hope that could save the company from certain doom. That glimmer is called the Volt. The Volt is the next step in hybrid vehicles (it is both electric and gasoline powered). The Volt , according to GM, will be good for up to 100 mpg, which is amazing.

What GM did with the Volt is that it made the electric motor the only thing that moves the car, and the gasoline motor is only used to charge the battery of the electric motor when the battery is low. GM says that you could travel 40 miles on a single charge before the gasoline motor would need to kick in to charge the battery. So the average commuter would be able to go back and forth to work without ever having to use any gas, and just recharging the battery from their home's electricity every night.

And on top of the huge money saved from gas prices, its looks pretty cool too.

If GM survives its crash and releases the Volt and it turns out to be everything they promised, then this may be the new car to have.

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