Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Half-Hearted Tribute to OK Go

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OK Go is one of those bands I refer to as a "guilty pleasure." I'm slightly embarrassed whenever I'm caught listening to them, but I can't help myself; they're too much fun to listen to. The band's line-up hasn't changed since they came together in 1998 - Damian Kulash (so hot), Tim Nordwind, Dan Konopka, and Andy Ross.
"Invincible" is the song I chose to use as it is one of my favorites by the band (and Damian Kulash is so hot in this one). What I did in my video was dedicate the first 0:22 to pictures of the band. I tried changing the pictures on beat, and didn't fail too badly. Then I spliced some of their music video into mine, and ended it with my credits. It's half-hearted because I could've been ambitious and done a picture slideshow on beat for the entire song, but that would've taken an eternity.. and I cut off the song halfway through it.
The end! Happy Thanksgiving :)

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William said...

I like OK GO theyre pretty tight