Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A link to your profile....on your clothes

A clothing company based online in the Netherlands has clothing and apparel you can buy with a car code of sorts in a logo on the clothing. Taking a picture of this barcode with a phone equiped with the correct application software will immediately take the picture taker to the facebook, myspace, or other online profile. This type of activity was also recently featured in a new episode of CSI Miami. This goes to show you that what some people view as futuristic and new, is most likely being developed somewhere in the world. Back to the main point. I think this technology is pretty sad. it proves the point of peoples laziness and want of instant information. I dont know about you but i do not want to live in a socity where a majority of people would rather meet over the internet, when the person you want to meet is in close enough of a distance to take a picture of them with a cell phone. I dont want to live in a place where it becomes awkward to meet new people and get to know them in person. that is a essential part of living life and growing as a person

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