Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cooking Mama Repsonds to PETA

Personally, I think its stupid for PETA to attack a video game, especially something as harmless as Cooking Mama. PETA stands for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, and have had tendencies to cause a lot of trouble. As an equestrian rider, I've heard everything from them, how the equipment such as bits, spurs, and crops/whips are cruel and inhumane. I see why it isn't completely unreasonable for them to say that kind of stuff. I'm sure most of the PETA members have never sat on a horse in their life, let alone really know how the equipment functions. Regardless, it seems a little more acceptable for them to attack the sport of equestrian riding than a cooking game.

Cooking Mama is a simple little game for the Nintendo Wii, and a version has been released on the Nintendo DS. Its about Mama, who really just wants to bring people together and make them happy by feeding them. You cook the recipes the game gives you and earn points. For heaven's sake, its rated E.

This article irritated me when I read it, actually. PETA released a flash game that essentially attacks Cooking Mama and how she cooks with meat because they must all be vegetarian activists or something. The game on the PETA website:

is centered around making a Thanksgiving dinner. I actually played it for the sake of research and it was sort of fun, if a little twisted. The game has you pluck and gut a dead turkey, then prepare it in a pretty grotesque manner for dinner. The object is to get the 'Meaner Than Mama' score after each segment of the game. PETA presents facts throughout and once you complete the 'Meaner than Mama' phase, you unlock an animal friendly phase where you make a turkey out of tofu.

The new Cooking Mama game should make PETA pretty happy. It shipped this week and is called Cooking Mama: World Kitchen. At least half of the 51 recipes featured on the game are vegetarian dishes so PETA can't complain. They even threw in a dog as a companion to represent that Mama is against the inhumane and cruel treatment of animals. Of course its obvious Mama isn't a vegetarian, and there's no reason that she should be.

I think its silly that they are going to attack a harmless cooking game for using meat in their recipes, when I haven't heard of them complaining too much about movies or even more graphic games where you actually slaughter the animals. There's PLENTY of games out there where you kill animals. Anyone out there played Tomb Raider?

PETA was just out of line on this one, I think.

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