Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My Video Project

I made this video as a tribute to the original lineup of my favorite band, Black Sabbath. The original lineup consisted of Tony Iommi doing guitar, Geezer Butler doing bass, Bill Ward doing percussion and finally Ozzy Osbourne doing vocals. In this video I play a few songs samples from the 8 albums that the original lineup did together.

I used "Adobe Flash Professional CS3" to create the video, and "Audacity" to cut songs into 20 second clips. I then exported the video into AVI formate and added the sound via "Windows Movie Maker". I finally exported the video into WMV format (took around 2.5 hours) and uploaded it on to Youtube.

I added the video from Black Sabbath's "Never Say Die Live 1978" DVD, and the photos from Google.


William said...

this was really long, but kinda tight...i liked it.

Kayla said...

I liked it as well, but yeah, it was reeeeaaally long.