Monday, November 24, 2008

Top apps for desktop customization

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Just a little blog I found of a top 5 for custom desktop applications.

The post has a top five list and description of applications that are used to enhance or customize your desktop. And when your mashing up and remixing stuff you like to have your interface to your liking and the way to do that might be through one of these applications.

The first application is: Samurize
This application lets you have text files displayed on your desktop in many different customizable ways

The second application is: RocketDock
RocketDock basically brings a Mac OS x view to windows with a lower tray that looks just like Mac.

The third application is: Rainmeter
Rainmeter is very similar to Samurize, each application can do just about the same thing. However each has their own strengths and weaknesses.

The fourth application is: Emerge Desktop
Emerge is a way of completely replacing your windows taks bar, start bar, and right click menu's.
It allows for you to customize those features to however you like. It allows such things as live thumbnails of windows when they are minimized.

The fifth and final application is: AutoHotKey
AutoHotKey is a somewhat complicated hot key assigner for windows. It lets you set up different key combinations to do different things such as open applicaitons. This particular program probably has the highest learning curve of this list because of it is completely command line based, there is no graphic interface for point and click configuring.

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ervolsen said...

I personally dislike desktop customization because it takes much longer to boot up the computer. I only have a few gadgets, like a notepad and calender - but it still tends to make the start up time take much longer.