Thursday, October 9, 2008

Apple Teases New Notebook, Rumored Under $1,000

Apple computers have always had a reputation for their pricetags, but just recently, Apple announced the upcoming release of a laptop that will be under $1000. Rumors of it's name have even leaked, and is supposedly going to be called the "Apple Brick". Several analysists were certain, well before this announcement, that Apple would be releasing a MacBook under the 1000 dollar mark, due to the fact that that they earlier said that they would release "state-of-the-art new products that our competitors aren't going to be able to match." - Which ultimately lead them to believe that meant lower pricing. There have even been leaks from the Apple company, including alleged authentic photos of the laptop's frame, and it has also been leaked that the laptop may be as low as $800. This may be just what Apple needs to finally gain over Microsoft in the market, and stay there.

Alot of hype is going into this upcoming apple, and many are hoping something big, due to the fact that they haven't redesigned a Mac Laptop in over two years. It is speculated that it will have an optical drive and ethernet capabilities (two capabilities that were not included in the previous MacBook Air model). Rumors have even gone as far as to say that the new manufacturing process of the Apple Brick, will involve carving a notebook out of a solid brick of metal (which I personally think seems quite unlikely) -- the process of carving it would include the use of lasers and jets of water. This would be a very durable model with no screws, but in my eyes doesn't seem at all realistic. One more rumor has come up about the Apple Brick, and that is that it would be a foldable, dual screen laptop. In this rumor, the keyboard would simply be a touchpad. I think this would be an awesome idea, giving the the user the ability to use it as a book (pages would come up on both screens, and could be folded like a book), a laptop with a touchpad keyboard, and finally, the ability to lay both screens flat on a desk (allowing two people to use it at once) -- If the rumor is true, it would be an awesome innovation.


Kayla said...

This would be really cool if it turns out to be true! But it seems a bit far-fetched to 'carve' the laptop out of a solid brick of metal, doesn't it?

It also sounds a little ridiculous for ANY Mac to be under $1,000. Even the tiny MacBook Air is expensive, so wouldn't this notebook be likely to follow the trend?

Tim Goodloe said...

I have to agree with kayla in saying that this sounds a bit far-fetched. If Apple is going to release a new laptop for under 1000$ we have to ask ourselves where is it going to be lacking. In order for Apple to do this they have to either release this new laptop with very limited and basic features or they are going to have to place costs in other areas. The question is are we willing to sacrifice quality for affordability?