Monday, October 27, 2008

Sir Ken Robinson

Sir Ken Robinson's presentation of how our educational systems squander our creativity as children is of course very interesting to someone like me who has just popped out of the k-12 series of grade levels and in to a new, but similar kind of educational establishment. I believe that all of what was said in Sir Robinson's presentation was true, and it leaves a pretty bad taste in my mouth to think of all that could've been if my learning experience for the past decade had been the way he had dreamed it.

His reference to Pablo Picasso was very interesting. He said, "All children are born artists. The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up." which makes perfect sense. All the imagination we had as kids, where the hell did it go? Think back to what your parents or your teachers told you when you did something maybe a little too creative, or made a mistake.

Everytime I try to think of a Sir Ken Robinson educational system I get a little sounds too good to be true. His educational system would be a lot different from our current one. It would probably be close to the opposite of what we have today, and I wonder how much it would differ from an educational system thats purpose would be to ready a child for the harsh, outside world. Would an educational system with the arts as the main, or one of the main curriculums help prepare a child for what is known as the real world. I think Sir Ken Robinson would say so but I'm not sure....It's just a thought though.

This presentation really opened my eyes a bit more about our misguiding our educational system is. I think every parent in the world should be forced to watch that video or something like it to reevaluate what they think parenting is about. Maybe in turn that will make the parents put their children in to schools with a broader curriculum. Its a start...

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Catherine Malcolm said...

Maybe not as a main curriculum, but I think introducing more high schools with more requirements in the arts would be a good start. The main problem behind making the arts more universally mainstream in most schools are their funding plans. Obviously as it is now, the arts aren't deemed as "important" on funding lists as academics are.