Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Cory Docterow at red hat summit thingy

Cory Doctorow was talking at the red hat summit about Digital rights management. He talked about the evolution of the DRM system and then the problems he feels that are involved with that system. As a group we basically agree with the points in Doctorow's presentation and his ideals on what is wrong with the system.

The first main point we agree with is that there should not be prohibitions on the use of open source code. Once a user buys the software, song, or device, he or she should be able to use it anywhere or with any thing they want. It should not be up to the companies what applications are compatible. For example, Open Office is free to download, why should it be up to microsoft to determine whether it is compatible with their computers. is this just because they want everyone to use Microsoft Office?

They RIAA and other corporations use DRM to disable the distribution of their products in ways the do not want happeneing. such as free downloads from Kazaa, Lime Wire, or anyother thing of that nature. Big Champagne, as Cory Doctorow said, claims that the average time from Itunes to a free version of the download on one of theese sources is about three mintues. This is insane, if that is the average time, why have restrictions at all. It would be much more efficient if every industry did what TOR science fiction books did. This is to make books avaliable for free distribution, this process has HELPED authors make money by making awareness of the book more widespread. Doctorow himself has been a benefactor of this process.

One further point that we agree with Doctorw on is that renewable contracts that we sign when pressing the "I Agree" button is not good, in fact, some would say borderline illegal. I dare you to show me another area of busniess that is allowed to change a written contract AFTER it has been agreed to by both parties.

Our last point we have to comment on is region coding. This process was done away with and then brought back recently, just because of the greedieness of companies to try and squeeze more money out of their coustomers. Region coding is the restriction placed on dvds and other digital media which restricts the area where it is allowed to be played. For example, if you are on vacation in another part of the world, and buy a dvd, dont expect to be able to play it back home, especially if across country lines. This is unfair and un needed.

Corey Laub
Tim Goodloe
Patrick Tait
Eric Olsen

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