Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Foo Fighters tell McCain to stop using song

Several bands have complained about McCain using their songs as music to promote his campaign. The latest band that has criticized McCain for using their song has been the Foo Fighters. The Foo Fighters sent out a letter to McCain telling him to stop using their song, “My Hero.” The band was infuriated that the song was being used with out their consent, and in a way that “tarnished the song.” The band continues to explain what the song’s original meaning stood for and how the McCain campaign doesn’t convey it’s true meaning. The Foo Fighters commented on how McCain has used other artist’s songs in his campaign; to the point, that Jackson Browne has filed a lawsuit. It is not just McCain, but Obama has done it, too. Sam Moore has asked Obama to stop using “Soul Man” in his campaign. Brian Rogers, spokesman for the McCain-Palin campaign, stated that the McCain-Palin campaign has respected all the copyright laws by paying for licensing from performing rights organizations, allowing them to use “My Hero” as well as other songs in their campaign.


William said...

Maybe McCain would be more interesting if he himself created some songs. How great would that be?! I bet Palin could sing pretty well. They could make a band!

levnclf said...

I find it funny the level of pretentiousness these candidates show. McCain claims to be our Hero while Obama is posturing as a "Soul Man". I think they would seem less up tight if they didn't take themselves so seriously. I mean it's a serious thing, an election, but you just end up looking silly when you do things like this.