Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Fruity Loops

Fruity loops, along with any other software that allows users to create and edit sound files, is a great way to open the musical world to those of us who would not normally be able to involve ourselves in it. It allows anyone to create music (or at least to try), and is not limited to actual musicians. Of course, this means that much of the material created with these programs is not actually good music, but it also provides the means for creative or musically inclined people to create music without actually having to write it on a staff or know anything about key signatures.I think this is a great way to avoid copyright infringement. If an aspiring screenwriter wants background music, he doesn’t need to pay for rights to preexisting songs, and he doesn’t need to pay musicians to create music for him. For 50 bucks, he can get a studio that makes all the music he wants, and it’s all copyrighted as his own work. Programs like these are of course extremely limited, but they are a good segue into more professional means, since they require very little effort or money on the part of the creator. The downside is that it’s easy for pirates to copy and edit the work of others, but I believe in this case the benefits of the program outweigh its faults.


ervolsen said...

I really don't like Fruity Loops. "Propellerhead Reason" is a... MUCH better program for creating music. Too bad torrents are blocked. Does anyone else use this program? Its really amazing.

William said...

yeah i think garage band is a lot easier. I'll have to check out the propellerhead. What i do really like about fruity loops is that there are tons of different loops and beats to use.