Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Netflix 3rd quarter profits

Mkay so this ones real.

According to Yahoo! news, the online movie rental site Netflix profit rose 30 percent over the past three months, even with the economy in its current state. The article explains that people are "cutting corners" in my opinion this means instead of paying upwards of 7 $ a person to go to the movies lets say once a week, instead they spend significantly less to view a netflix movie where they can also save on snacks, and watch as many times as they want with as many people as they want. The article also explains Netflix's busniess plan for the upcoming quarters. they want to rent many more blu ray dicks, and charge a 1$ surcharge for people to rent the HD blu ray disks. They belive that because of the economy, the blu ray player will continue to cheapen in price and therefore more people will buy them. From my personal expeicnce, the only people with blu ray players are the owners of PS3's, which are able to play blu ray disks. Netflix would make much more money if they slow the development of their blu ray rental program and stick to dvd's. Also, Netflix is investing more in the online streaming portion of their website. This is helpful and easy because it provides over 12000 movies and tv shows at NO extra cost to subscribers. ( they could make more money if the coustomer gained permant acess to the movie, like itunes). anyway, this proves that people are spending less and will seek to cut costs in entertainment, which provides more revenue for media viewing stuff.

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patrick morrison said...

people in my hallway have created a system in which one person applies for the 30 day free netflix trial, then cancels after thirty days, and then the next person goes for the trial. its genius