Thursday, October 9, 2008


Bungie announced the other day that it will be adding on another campaign to Halo 3. There will be a different Hero, and a whole new campaign. Halo, being the trilogy that became one of Microsofts best sellers, and a product of Bungie. The prologue will excite gamers all over the world!! The trailer can be seen on any xbox marketplace or xbox homepage. This new prologue is expected to be release sometime in 2009.


Patrick T said...

I can't wait! I wonder if it will be downloaded content or an expansion like cd or something, and how much will it cost?

ervolsen said...

That sounds pretty cool. I hope its not downloadable content, can you imagine how long that would take to download a whole campaign? Well.. I've never downloaded via XBOX live so I have no clue, but Im guessing it would take a long time. And they will probaly make more money by just releasing an expansion pack. I'd think that people are more willing to pay more for an actual CD than downloadable content.

The last Halo expansion (The new map pack) was around 30 dollars wasn't it? I'm guessing it'd be a similar price.