Thursday, October 9, 2008

Corey Doctorow

-Companies just want to Sell people STUFF'

-Fight about control over life- and what you can do
Privacy, liberty, etc

-IT companies aren't necessarily on our side

-Who gets to copy their stuff? 

-Bits designed to be copied

**-Open Source Stuff**

-Alchemy before science
-They didn't share their stuff - so not much science really happened

-Then they started publishing findings
-Called Enlightenment

-DRM restricting copying
-made secret and not supposed too be modifiable or comprehensible to users
-licensing restrictions

-DRM non-science
-Doesn't stand up to rigorous examination
-give everything you need - but you still can't do anything with it

-Exceptions to copyright

"keep honest user honest" - oh lol

-DRM is NOT copyright

-DRM is about expanding the copyrighted monopolies

-"Authorized domain" digital TV-copy restrictions - flag content so it can only be used by a households worth of devices

-Haven't considered all cases of family setups
-family spread out, or child of separated parents going back and forth - called corner cases- not important, etc

- DRM is not a contract
- even after clicking the I agree button on a Eula, the manufacturer can change the terms
- TiVo update

Why do people make products that mimic other products?

- If your apple you can sue people. They will put a price tag on their music if you want to move your music to another supplier. Apple know that people have invested so much money into their music on ITunes.

- Other music suppliers are trying to compete with apple

- Doctorow talks about how he no longer works for the company EFF. They work to keep DRM out of our computer

- There is no future in which bits will be harder to copy than they are today. This moment in time has the most copy proof bits

- Talks about how he writes books, and puts them on a website for people to view for free

- Believes artists should share music and ask their fans to buy their music, not force them to.

- Blu-ray vs HD

- region coding (Blu-ray)

- industry tries to squeeze as much money as possible out of the honest customers

-compares this strategy to a urinary tract infection

- claims that if the industry wants to survive it must abandon its doomed business model.

- Finally, the biggest problem for an artist is obscurity not piracy.

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ervolsen said...

"Other music suppliers are trying to compete with apple"

I hope Apple gets crushed, I'm a bit pissed off after doing music exchange with a friend and it says "This song is not authorized on this computer, please enter password". I mean Jesus.. YOU pay money for the song you should be able to do whatever YOU want with it.

I somewhat agree about the problem being obscurity, not piracy. I love going to shows, I try to go as often as possible -- But I wouldn't have been to half of them if it hadn't been for exposure via downloading. I know this is said alot, but if you really love a CD and wan't to support the artist, you will probaly end up buying it anyways.